Specialty Pharmacy

Boothwyn Pharmacy serves patients who have chronic conditions with high-cost drugs

We have access to a variety of drugs for several key areas of care. Our easy, efficient prescription ordering make it possible for you to get your patients started on their medication quickly. We offer fast, reliable prescription delivery to patients, and issue refill reminders before they run out of medication, to prevent disruption or delay of treatment.

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Boothwyn Specialty Pharmacy is more than a service provider. Boothwyn is a partner with you, your staff and your practice. When we fill a prescription, your patient becomes our patient. Your patients are our patients and we work as partners so our patients adhere to their medication requirements. We support our patients in their homes and in your office. As partners, we help patients to manage their medication therapy so you can do what you do best; practice medicine.

Working with Insurance Companies

Boothwyn Specialty Pharmacy is your partner in managing Prior Authorizations and other insurance reimbursement issues.

Boothwyn will assist you to:

  • Verify benefits
  • Obtain prior authorizations
  • Determine billing channels

Working with Patients

We pride ourselves in being your partner and Patient Advocate. Boothwyn works with pharmaceutical manufacturer's patient assistance programs (PAP), patient access networks and chronic disease foundations to decrease out of pocket expenses and to assist patients with the financial hardships that chronic diseases create.

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