Boothwyn wants to make sure you're in the know about the HISA (Horseracing Integrity Safety Act)

Boothwyn Pharmacy GFI-256 Compliance

What is HISA?

HISA represents an anti-doping act for horseracing by the Racetrack Safety program. Individual states currently run a doping program, but as of 2023 (Jan 1), states will no longer have a separate ruling for doping.

These rules are to be enforced nationally. Each state currently has different rules, and they are pushing that in 2023 all states will no longer have rules for each state, but HISA will be the governing body. The USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) also did this with the Microchip.

Who has to sign up for HISA?

“Covered persons” is a broad catch-all encompassing everyone already licensed by a state racing commission, including trainers, owners, jockeys, veterinarians, farriers, agents, and backstretch employees like grooms, hotwalkers, and exercise riders.

What records will a covered person require to maintain?

Veterinarians and trainers must record any medication administration, therapeutic procedures, treatments, and surgical procedures to the registered horses in their care. These are separate from the records that veterinarians are expected to maintain. Trainers must also make these records available to regulatory veterinarians, stewards, and HISA officials upon request.

What documentation must be kept up to date on the HISA site?

  • Health & vaccination records – upload current documents to HISA’s online platform for all horses in your care.
  • Daily treatment records* – maintain records for all horses in your care that include: Medication/procedure administered by licensed trainer/staff; Diagnosis/reason for treatment; and Name of & contact information for a person who administered treatment/procedure
  • Daily layup records* – maintain or obtain records for horses returning from a layup period of 60+ days that include: (Layup location & start date ü Reason for layup, Daily treatment records, Daily activity records outlining: Exercise Rehabilitation procedures/Return to track date)
  • Offsite treatment records* – maintain 30 days of treatment records for horses shipping into Covered Racetracks from a layup or training at a non-HISA facility to: (Race OR Complete, timed work under Regulatory Vet supervision for removal from Vet’s List)
  • Records for claimed horses – transfer previous 60 days of trainer treatment & veterinarian exam/treatment records to the owner of the claimed horse.

How does GFI #256 affect HISA?

Boothwyn Pharmacy is committed to GFI #256 compliance. Per HISA rules drugs compounded in compliance with GFI-256 may be used….., though like all drugs, may be subject to additional HISA restrictions.

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