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Male Testosterone Therapy

At Boothwyn Pharmacy, our experience, expertise and personalized service will ensure your treatment exceeds your expectations.  Many men could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy to combat common health issues men experience. Unfortunately, men dismiss these issues as inevitable signs of aging. In reality, hormone therapy can help men live more youthful, energetic lives.  We work with patients and doctors to ensure positive outcomes from your specialized therapy.  Please call our team of Pharmacists with any questions you may have pertaining to the best preparation prescription.

Natural Testosterone Replacement is central to the treatment of all facets of Andropause. Testosterone is responsible for normal growth and development of male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics. It is the primary androgenic hormone.  The term "testosterone" is often used when referring to numerous synthetic derivatives, as well as natural bio-identical testosterone.  Proper monitoring of laboratory values and clinical response are essential when prescribing testosterone replacement therapy.

Types of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Ideal testosterone replacement therapy produces and maintains physiologic serum concentrations of the hormone and its active metabolites without significant side effects or safety concerns. Several different types of testosterone replacement are currently prescribed, including tablets, injectables, sublingual and transdermal.

Intramuscular injection

Testosterone cypionate is frequently used parenteral preparations that provide a safe means of hormone replacement. In men 20-50 years of age, an intramuscular injection of 200 mg testosterone cypionate is generally sufficient to produce serum testosterone levels that are supranormal initially and fall into the normal ranges over the next 14 days. Fluctuations in testosterone levels may yield variations in libido, sexual function, energy, and mood. Some patients may be inconvenienced by the need for frequent testosterone injections.


Sublingual testosterone is placed under the tongue and is usually in the form of a square or circle, depending on strength of troche. A sublingual dose is given twice a day. It by-passes the liver and takes about 2 to 3 minutes to dissolve. Testosterone levels will rise and fall on this therapy which is why it would be best to be administered two or three times a day in smaller doses. 

Transdermal Vehicle

Transdermal therapy can be made in a cream or gel that is rubbed on the surface of the skin. Different strengths are used, ranging from 10mg to 200mg per ml.  Theraputic levels can be determined with a simple blood test at intervals determined by the prescribing doctor.  Typically, a daily dose is taken in the early morning hours.

Contraindications to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement is contraindicated in men with carcinoma of the breast or known or suspected carcinoma of the prostate as it may cause rapid growth of these tumors. Hormone therapy is also inappropriate in men with severe benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)-related bladder outlet obstruction. Use of testosterone to improve athletic performance or correct short stature is potentially dangerous and inappropriate.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Decreased energy
  • Loss of body hair, reduced shaving
  • Depressed mood
  • Increase in body fat
  • Decrease in bone strength
  • Reduced muscle mass


*These are a list of the most commonly requested ingredients/preparations - other ingredients and preparations are available by request.*

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