Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding Pharmacy

Since 1933, Boothwyn Pharmacy Specialty & Compounded Medications has provided an integral part in pharmacy service throughout the United States. Boothwyn Pharmacy specializes in compounded preparations that are formulated to meet specific needs of the patients and the doctors who treat them.

  • We are a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board)
  • Our lab complies with USP <797>

We offer unparalleled pharmaceutical knowledge in an ultra sterile, modern facility. Our Patient-Centric focus we can connect on a higher level with physicians and their patients.

We cover a wide variety of medical specialties:

We provide patients access to needed, commercially unavailable dosage forms that better suit their medication preferences, needs and lifestyle. Patients who take this customized, more targeted form of medication enjoy higher compliance, efficacy, outcomes and most importantly, quality of life. We specialize in a full complement of high quality pharmaceutical preparations including:

Unique Dosage Forms

We can prepare the needed medication into your choice of dosage form, such as oral rinse, suspension, lollipop, troche, rapid dissolve tablet, suppository, dermal creams, ointments, lotions, injectables, gels, oral adhesive paste, oral suspensions/sprays/powders,

Palatable Flavors

When treating different palates and pediatric patients, the medicine will not work if they won't take it. We will add or remove flavoring to the medicine to make treatments easier to administer. In some cases, medicines are difficult to swallow because of its taste. We can compound the right flavor to please any palate.

Hard to Find Medications

Pharmaceutical companies may stop making products for which there is limited demand. However, for patients who respond better to a medicine no longer commercially available, we can obtain the active ingredient and prepare the desired dosage form. Through the partnership with your doctor we can improve your medical outcome with a patient specific preparation.

Sugar, Preservative, Dye or Lactose Free

We can prepare sugar-free and preservative-free dosage forms. We can also compound medications without additives such as dyes or lactose for patients with allergies. Commercial formulations may contain preservatives such as alcohol, which can cause irritation, or sugar which makes the medication undesirable for prolonged use in the mouth.

Our Pharmacists are members of:

NHIA -National Home Infusion Association
ACA- American College of Apothecaries
CSPN - Community Specialty Pharmacy Network
PCCA - Pharmacy Compounding Center of America
IACP - International Academy of Compounding Pharmacies
ACVP- American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

  • BHRT – Bio-Identical Hormones for Men and Women
    BHRT is a personalized service that encompasses the entire person, considers the effects of age, diet, lifestyle, stress, family history and other factors on the health of a person, and seeks to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual needs of each Patient.
  • Fertility
  • Testosterone
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dental
  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Pain
  • Urology

Veterinary Compounding

  • Small Animal
  • Equine 

*These are a list of the most commonly requested ingredients/preparations - other ingredients and preparations are available by request.*

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